Who We Are:
Three garden beds, and a group of committed volunteers who live or work in Ward 12. We come together every week as stewards of the garden to weed, water and harvest, and we share all the produce we grow with the community. We are working together with Councillor Matlow’s office and the Friends of Oriole Park to ensure that the Garden is a natural space for all our neighbours.
Our Mission:
The Oriole Park Community Garden (“OPCG”) committee’s mission is to grow and maintain a community garden for all residents of Ward 12. We intend to promote principles of sustainability, urban organic gardening, food security and food sovereignty through our work growing and donating fresh, organic produce. We also aim to inspire healthy living practices while providing a place for all residents, regardless of race, ethnic backgroud, socioeconomic status, or level of physical ability to come together and learn from one another, and to form new friendships.
Our Objectives:
A community garden provides activity-based learning opportunities for people of all ages. As such, our garden’s goals include:
– Promoting healthy living, organic garden, and a general appreciation for nature
– Encouraging self-reliance through growing fresh fruits and vegetables
– Improving and promoting food security
– Encouraging the use of native plants in gardens 
– Supporting community engagement and social interaction between community members
– Incorporating gardening and urban farming in the curriculum of local schools
– Fostering an appreciation for the city’s green spaces
– Adding to the beauty of Oriole Park
– Encouraging «technology detox»
– Providing a place of refuge and relaxation

Ingrid Barrett
Garden Coordinator

Ingrid is a full-time, homeschool parent and avid cyclist. Ingrid was the gardening coordinator for the Cecil Street community center garden which transformed the center’s unused sandbox and the plot at the Lillian Smith Library site to one of the city’s first community garden. This project received the City of Toronto Healthy City Award. Ingrid also spends her time designing clothing, reclaiming furniture and plant-based gourmet cooking.

Evelyn Munro
Lead Gardener
Evelyn has lived in Deer Park for 30 years in the Brentwood Towers. Over the years she has organized very successful allotment gardens for the staff. She is a founding member of Friends of Oriole Park and is a member of the executive of the Brentwood Towers Tenants Association. She enjoys gardening and does so every summer on her 30ft balcony.

Arianne Ghislaine Rull
Website and Social Media Content Manager
Arianne Ghislaine Rull is a Grade 11 SHSM – ICT student at L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute. She enjoys expressing her thoughts through writing short stories, essays and poems at her website. Arianne is a hackathon enthusiast and a philomath.

Shery Mofidi
Shery is originally from Iran, a mother, housewife and happily married for 37 years. Shery has always been passionate about the environment which lead her to a career in civil engineering. She is also passionate about reading and gardening and has been volunteering from a very early age. Being a new Canadian Shery is eager to get to know her neighbours, community and country. 

Suhaas B.
Graphic Designer
Suhaas is a new Canadian. Since childhood, he had an eye for beauty and believes in making things beautiful. As a part-time designer, he has won awards and intends to keep honing his craft. He is a nature lover and enjoys gardening, solo-travel, trekking, wildlife safaris and bike rides.

Nicolas Cajamarca

Nicolas is an accounting student currently in his third year at Seneca College. His interests in finance and consideration for the environment motivates him to contribute to the community through OPCG. Some of his hobbies include biking, playing guitar and cooking. Nicolas hopes to learn more about his community during his involvement.

Agallu Adofo

Agallu Adofo is a student and has been studying photography, also a self-taught culinary artist. He is also passionate about computer animation, video games and comics. Agallu enjoys cycling, skateboarding and fixing bicycles

Robert Jacob
Outreach Coordinator
“Raised in Scarborough, Robert now lives in a midtown condominium after stints all over the GTA. Gardening opportunities are limited for urban dwellers living in dense mixed-use residential areas. A key tenant to his participation with the Oriole Park Community Garden is to expand resources available to urban dwellers to improve their overall health and well-being through biophilia and food security.”

Oriana Catenazzi
Oriana is an aspiring gardener and environmentalist. She has taken a recent interest in ‘zero waste living’ and strives to make conscious daily decisions about how her actions impact the environment. She joined the garden to contribute to a community project, and learn from like-minded people.

Magali Rousseau
Gardener and Garden Blogger
Magali is a content writer and editor with a passion for travel. Her hobbies include art, music and spending time outdoors. She loves to experiment with gardening and is excited to be more involved in the community this summer.