A Note of Thanks from Our Friends

We got a big note of thanks from our friend at Churches on-the-Hill Foodbank. The vegetables from our first harvest were super well received!

To the volunteers and Oriole Park Community Garden Steering Committee

Thank you for your donations to the Churches on-the-Hill Foodbank. It is hard to imagine what a difference fresh vegetables can make in changing a diet for our clients who do not have the ability to grow or purchase fresh produce on their own. The variety of vegetables that you supply is wonderful and it is all the better as it is local, fresh –you can’t any fresher  than a few hours! This allows our clients to try new food items and with the help of some of our volunteers try new recipes.

From our volunteers and most of all our clients, thank you for your generosity and hard work.

Enjoy your summer.

Ken Burns
President, Churches on-the-Hill Foodbank

You’re welcome! There’s more to come!