Green and Growing

It's growing!
It’s growing!

After a warm period following the long 2015 winter, our garden is growing and greening up quite nicely. The native plants bed containing most of the perennials is filling out the bed with some of them already flowering. The herbs bed had a rather rough winter and we lost our lavender. We also lost most of the sage. Fortunately a single bunch for it was spared and is now doing quite well in its niche between the boulders. The chocolate mint is doing well, as mint always does.

Given the recent plantings, our vegetables bed is still a bit bare but showing progress. The beets are off to a good start and both the eggplant and tomatoes are looking quite healthy. There was a good showing of people last Saturday to help out with sowing seeds in the empty spots of the garden and to thoroughly water all the garden beds.

We also have a team new volunteers to lend a helping hand out with the garden. We are very happy to have them join us in contributing to our community with their expertise and their energy!

Here’s to a great growing season!