Thank You!

We had a fabulous ceremony last week to celebrate the opening of our new community garden. We were pleased to see so many of our neighbours coming out to see what is going on in that southern edge of the park, and to taste the yummy treats donated by our sponsors — Bite Me Gourmet Hot Dogs, The Mad Bean Coffee House and Rachel’s Coffee House. We are also grateful to Fanfare Flowers and especially to Sheridan Nurseries for their generous gift.

Councillor Josh Matlow expressed his excitement at the prospect of Ward 22’s first garden of this kind, and our Honourable Carolyn Bennett and Eric Hoskin came to show their support as well.

We’re off to a good start. Now, we just need to get those plants in that soil!

OPCG Opening009

Growing Upwards

Me, I’m at the beginning of a whole lot of new.  I’m a new member to the Oriole Park Community Garden Committee. In fact, I’m new to gardening altogether. I’m also a new mom (a pretty new mom) to twins — two little toddlers. And, I’m excited to bring these — the garden and my kids — together.

My children motivated me to get involved with the community garden. Since moving into the neighbourhood several years ago, I’ve wanted to become more involved in this community which I love. Since their birth we’ve especially taken to Oriole Park. It’s a great space, full of lively activity — kids playing, people walking, dogs and squirrels, baseball and readers. I’m happy to be a part of a group that is now working to make our green space even richer.

It’s been an exciting time for my kids. Our daily walks around the neighbourhood have afforded us the opportunity to watch the dirty browns of late winter give way to the softer hues of early spring. Bright, light greens have sprung from between the decayed leaves, and these have grown taller as my little guys have learned to avoid them with their steps. We’ve watched spots of colour emerge as the earliest flowers have bloomed amongst the grogrowing upwardsund cover — mostly purples and whites. Then, the tulips and flowering trees brightened our walks. The kids watched as buds turned fleetingly into magnolia flowers and then these into petals which fell to carpet the ground. Now, the colourful pinks of my neighbours trees are turning to green. Each morning, my children look out the window to see what has changed overnight. Each day they see something new, something different than what it was only the evening before when they said goodnight to the street.

Now, with our new Oriole Park Community Garden, on our way to the playground each day, we’ll be able to step past the flower beds and watch as plants we’ve helped put into the earth bloom and grow. I know they’ll look excitedly to see each day what’s stayed the same and what’s new. And, I’ll be excited to learn amongst my neighbours how to make a garden grow.

Looking forward to seeing you out there, friends.